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Optimize Your Website With A Sales Funnel

By Keyon Thomas
So you’re looking to optimize your website, but do you know where to start? Are you familiar with an online sales funnel? If not, don’t worry! Here’s a quick crash course on online sales funnels that will teach you how to optimize your website.
  1. Understand the goals of your website
    This is the most important step. What do you want your website to achieve? Are you trying to drive more online sales? Are you trying to get people in your store? Fill out an online sales form? Get people to call your office? These are all possible goals and there are a ton more, but the key here is defining this goal, because without it then you don’t know exactly what you are optimizing about your website.
  2. Figure out what it takes for a visitor to complete that goal
    Now that you have your goal, what will it take to get someone to complete that goal? For different goals the optimization path is, of course, different. For B2B technology or consulting it may be that your users may need to download a whitepaper before they are open to talking to you. If you have an ecommerce store then you are probably trying to get users to buy your products, but you may need to offer a discount or a special. Or, you may have a subscription service and your goal is to get someone to sign up, but they may need a free trial before they will commit to a full subscription. Regardless, determine what it will take for your websites goals to convert.
  3. Make your homepage achieve your goal
    Bring your goals forward to your home page, and factor in what it takes for your visitors to achieve your goals. If you are trying to get more phone calls, put your phone number prominently on your homepage. If you have a more complicated goal like the B2B example, then place a button on your page somewhere that stands out, inviting visitors to download your whitepaper. If you have an ecommerce website, place your sales deals on the homepage. Eliminate the visitor having to do work to achieve your goal. Get them there quickly by making your homepage the starting point for your online sales funnel.
With these three easy steps you can optimize your sales funnel and begin to really drive online conversions.
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