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Putting the I in Team

By Margaret Lyons
Americans love individuality. We name our children after foods and plants so they stand out from the crowd. We wear clothes that reflect our style and personality. In business, we focus on making a name for ourselves, and dream of someday running our own companies. But as important as individualism is to our culture and society, the value of a strong team should not be overlooked.
In the real estate industry, new agents are often advised to hire an assistant right away, even if they think they can’t afford to pay another person. Why? Because, no matter how good someone is at their job, they could perform twice as well with the help of just one other person. In this case, an assistant can organize the mountains of paperwork that real estate agents are responsible for, leaving the agent free to focus on selling homes. Add on the help that agents receive from their title company, mortgage, and other affiliate partners, and you’ve got a recipe for real estate success through the creation of an amazing team.
What’s great about building an effective team is that in doing so, the members of the team are able to complete their work individually, all while contributing to the success of other team members. For instance, most employees have participated in unproductive meetings at one time or another, and it’s clear to see why many people consider meetings to be an ineffective tool. Yet, when you’ve got a team that’s working individually in order to reach some goal, meetings can take up less time, being held only when necessary. In the meantime, projects can easily be managed online with project management software such as Teamwork, Earliz, or several other apps available in the cloud.
The most important part of building a strong team is making sure that you find, and hire, the best people for the job. A good place to start is personal referrals given to you by your friends and colleagues, especially if they are in the same industry as the team you are building. Reach out to university alumni in your field. And, don’t forget to put your LinkedIn account to good use. Once a list of prospective team members has been compiled, you can use Cangrade's online recruitment software to rate each applicant based on their skills, personality, and fit with your company or organization. The key to success can be found in the quality of your teammates.
The reality is, you can open your own company. You can make a big name for yourself in your industry. Enhance your individuality with a phenomenal team, and success will be at your doorstep.
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