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Ever since we launched InfoStreet way back in 1994, our belief has always been that the only operating system that could beat Windows at the Desktop was no operating system at all. Thus, InfoStreet’s mission became to build a system that ran solely in the browser, complete with cloud applications that could be used by anyone, anywhere, and any time. No desk necessary.
We’ve built our family of products around that idea. Today, InfoStreet is a leading Cloud software provider, specializing in providing the most efficient and affordable Cloud solutions to small businesses everywhere.
And we’re only getting started.
Our Family of Products
SkyDesktop’s patent-pending Cloud desktop gives companies anywhere, anytime access to all oftheir apps and files.
SkyAppMarket allows you to discover, choose, and try out a wide variety of best in class business and consumer apps.
SkyLogin increases efficiency by consolidating all of your usernames and passwords into one easily accessible location.
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