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A Private Labelled Solution Backed by SkyDesktop
Give your customers the best of both worlds: amazing flexibility and functionality from world-class solutions and your own deep industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Deliver a solution trusted by over 20,000 business owners and personal users.
  • Set the price and terms for your product while SkyDesktop powers your solution.
  • Minimize development time and bring your product to market faster.
All of the Partnership Perks and Then Some
Our private label solution allows you access to not just the SkyDesktop, but our other products: SkyLogin and SkyAppMarket. SkyLogin allows you to offer a robust single sign-on solution that provides one login for multiple accounts. With SkyAppMarket, you'll be able to hand your customers tools to deepen insight and make better, faster decisions. Our team of cloud experts will help you get started and even handle the support if needed.
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