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What is SkyDesktop?

SkyDeskop is a desktop that lives in the Cloud and is a central location to keep and access all your Cloud apps. It eliminates software downloads and makes all your files and apps accessible from any computer with a Web browser.

How does SkyDesktop work?

After you sign up for your FREE SkyDesktop, you go to the SkyAppMarket and choose the Cloud apps you need or some you may just want to try out. From there, you can continue to access your SkyDesktop and Cloud apps from any device with a Web browser and Internet connection. For more information on how it works click here.

Do I need to install anything?

When you use SkyDesktop and Cloud apps, there’s never any software or programs that you need to install or upgrade. Our patent-pending one-click setup will get you started.

Do I need to download any software?

You can say goodbye to software downloads, licensing renewals, and upgrades. One of the benefits of Cloud computing is that the technology is provided for you, all you need to do is sign in to your SkyDesktop account.

How does SkyDesktop replace my IT infrastructure?

SkyDesktop along with SkyAppMarket offers a variety of Cloud apps that include email, calendar, CRM, tasks, and much more. Contact one of our Cloud experts to get more information.

I've lost my login information. How do I retrieve it?

If you can't remember the web address, username, or password that you're supposed to use to access your software then please contact us or call support at 1-844-499-APPS.

Will the traditional software I use run on SkyDesktop?

SkyDesktop does not run traditional PC software.  Instead, it runs countless Cloud apps that provide the functionality of many of the programs you use today. Through our SkyAppMarket we offer Business Management Apps, Accounting and Finance Apps, and many more business solutions. The advantage of Cloud apps is that you will never have to upgrade, maintain, or pay licensing fees.

How much does SkyDesktop cost?

SkyDesktop is a free Cloud desktop solution. You pay for the apps you would like to add to your desktop, or you can tie in Cloud apps you already use.

How does the SkyAppMarket work?

Our SkyAppMarket is a library of apps that you can browse and purchase at your convenience. They can be accessed from any device with a Web browser and Internet connection. Check them out!

Can I sync information?

Yes! With SkyDesktop you can sync your calendar, address book, and tasks! You can also pick up your email on your phone, computer, or the Web and have them all in sync.

How do I add Cloud apps I already use?

After you sign up for your FREE SkyDesktop, a Cloud specialist will help you set up any Cloud apps you would like to bring into your SkyDesktop. Simply call us at 1-844-499-APPS.

How does SkyLogin work?

Can't find what you are looking for? You have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who can help you get the most out of SkyDesktop and answer all of your questions. Please contact us to take advantage of this FREE service.

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