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Siamak Farah Interviewed on FM News 101
InfoStreet Founder Siamak Farah discusses his experience working with Steve Jobs and the future of the cloud with Brian Bushlach on FM News 101 for the segment
Management and Control
When it comes to management, “Out of Control” is a compliment. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more you control, the less you will succeed. In other words, you won’t grow unless you let go.
SkyDesktop and SkyAppMarket Featured By Gartner Study
Gartner featured InfoStreet's cloud desktop, SkyDesktop and the cloud apps marketplace, SkyAppMarket, in their latest study on cloud business application marketplaces.
How to build an SEO strategy for your business
Are you looking to learn how to optimize and rank your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Don't know where to start? This quick guide will help you get started quickly, easily, and with a long term plan that will work for any type of business or brand.
7 Tips for Celebrating National Independent Retailer Month
Small businesses everywhere are banding together to celebrate their own brand of independence with National Independent Retailer Month.
SkyDesktop: Run Your Business in the Cloud
As organizations of all sizes increasingly look to the cloud to keep their costs low and their productivity high, some online platforms remain prohibitively expensive, which keeps them out of reach for many small businesses. The team at InfoStreet intends to change that with SkyDesktop.
Let’s Celebrate Positive Culture and #DreamSmallBiz
Creating a positive workplace culture is a critical investment that can transform an ordinary organization into a winning customer service experience power that contributes to employee engagement, creates customer loyalty, and cements long-lasting success.
5 Easy Ways to Cook up Better Communication
Think of your favorite meal. Whether it’s a fifteen-minute classic or a complex 5-course masterpiece, most likely there’s a list of ingredients with clear instructions behind it. Most people, at one point in their lives, have attempted to follow a recipe to cook their favorite dishes. Sometimes this ends in triumph, and sometimes it ends up in disaster. But the closer you follow the instructions, the more likely you’ll succeed
CRM, The Most Important Tool For Customer Success in the Cloud
The following is a pretty standard recipe that can be shared across industries, can work for nearly any business, and is available in the cloud – anytime, anywhere, on any device. To achieve customer success, you must truly know your customers.
Brand Your Business for Success
Every day, businesses launch new brands or modify their existing brands. Whether your business is in the early stages or has been around for dozens of years, effectively building your brand is of the utmost importance. So what can a successful brand do for your business?
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