Power of One

Organize your business into one system. Save hours, improve your productivity, and focus on growing your business
ONE password to remember
You only need on login for all your apps. No need to waste time logging into every app, one by one.
ONE secure location to store your files
Never leave an important presentation or proposal behind again.
Store all your files in SkyDesktop and access them when you need them, wherever you may be.
ONE place to find the best small business apps
Helping your business adapt to the changing market is important to us. SkyDesktop gives you the flexibility to add and change the apps you need as your business evolves over time.
ONE bill to pay, if any
Simplify your business expenses. No matter how many apps
or users you might have, you'll always have one consolidated bill for all.
ONE phone number to call
You are never left to solve a problem on your own. If you get stuck, have a question, or simply want to know how SkyDesktop can help your business, just give us a call.
One location for everything you need
Start winning and growing your business with a free SkyDesktop today
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