One login for every favorite app, file, and site

SkyLogin - Your Single Sign-On Solution
We want your cloud experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. SkyLogin opens the door to being able to consolidate all of your passwords and usernames into one, which you'll be able to access from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Benefits of SkyLogin
A Central Location
With SkyLogin, you can now access every app you need with one login from one location. No matter how many apps you or your team uses.
Increased Productivity
By bringing all of your apps into your SkyDesktop, you eliminate time spent on logging in with each separate username and password.
Just a Click Away
Add the news sites, social networks, and blogs you enjoy to your SkyDesktop. SkyLogin will make sure you're automatically signed in.
Make your day more productive
Let our team help set you up with SkyLogin as an individual product
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