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InfoStreet Partners with Register.com


TARZANA, Calif. (February 20, 2007) - InfoStreet Inc. (www.infostreet.com), creator of the fully managed, on-demand, IT software suite, StreetSmart, today announced that as part of its instant "out-of-the-box" IT setup, users of StreetSmart - the Web-based subscription software - will now be able to register domain names through its partnership with Register.com. As with all features of the StreetSmart suite, choosing and registering a domain (and hence choosing a company's email identity) is extremely easy, requiring no setup for users, and fully Web-based for ultra convenient, anytime, anywhere access. In addition, InfoStreet will pay for the yearly domain fee for clients who have paid for StreetSmart for at least one month. Should companies already have an existing domain, they can easily transfer to the StreetSmart/Register.com service and enjoy the same benefits.

"For a company that needs to start literally from the ground up, there is truly no better, easier, or more cost-effective solution than InfoStreet's flagship product StreetSmart - a full suite of on-demand IT tools, now made even more robust through our partnership with Register.com," explains Siamak Farah, CEO. "In one place, users can choose their company email identity, register and host their Web site, and instantly connect all their employees to powerful IT tools such as, meeting planning and calendaring, POP or IMAP email with the latest virus and spam blocking capabilities, powerful CRM tools and more."

"With StreetSmart, users can now manage their domains from within their familiar company Intranet environment," says Greg Howard, a divisional director at Register.com. "Clients get the best of both worlds, domains that instantly and fully integrate with their StreetSmart services and a Web presence backed by a leading registrar, Register.com."

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