Take back your business, time, and customers

Boost your cloud offering in minutes with SkyDesktop
Members of SkyDesktop's Cloud Channel Partners Program provide fast and easy Cloud customization to give clients the perfect IT infrastructure for their business.
SkyDesktop offers generous benefits such as cost discounts, price control, and instant deployment. At far less than the cost of an on-premise install, your clients will be more than willing to make the Cloud their solution.
Benefits of being a Cloud Channel Reseller
Take Back Your Business
Determine the pricing of all the apps offered in our SkyAppMarket. You can also create custom app bundles to really make SkyDesktop your go-to cloud solution.
Take Back Your Time
Decrease deployment time with quick and easy installations and customized setup processes. Become a SkyDesktop reseller and never waste time on deployments.
Take Back Your Customers
Meet customer demand with incomparable service. The Cloud Channel Partners Program lets you cut out the middleman and handle your clients directly.
IT built to fit every client
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